Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No 'poo *GASP*

I have decided to give the no 'poo method a try.  Since I dyed my hair a very light blond and then had to chop it mostly out why not use this time to use a natural method on my hair?  Dying my hair severely damaged it. 

If you are not familiar with no 'poo here is the break down:

Wash:  Mix 1 tbs baking powder with 1 cup of water.  Keep in a squirt bottle in the shower.  This will not sudz up at all, and the mix should last about 3 washings.  This goes on your roots.

Rinse:  Mix 1 cup water with 1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)  Again put in a squirt bottle and keep in the shower.  Rinse just the length and ends of your hair.

Once a week I do a Coconut oil mask and will continue to do this.  Transition will last 1-2 weeks with your hair seeming to get more greasy before it evens out and finds its natural state.  You may need to wash more often or less often then using conventional shampoo and conditioner, but I promise you, your hair will love you for this!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Jamberry Wrap review

Have you heard about Jamberry wraps yet?  These awesome vinyl nail wraps are a great way to get salon quality designs at a fraction of the price.  They last on finger nails up to 2 weeks and 4 weeks on toes.  Jamberry has over 300 amazing designs to choose from too!

So here are some on my nails.  They really do last up to 2 weeks!  I get so many complaments when I wear them!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ulta Haul and Why I haven't blogged recently

I want to start with an explanation.  On July 31 we moved into our first home!  Super exciting right? Ya there was no internet here until 2 weeks ago.  I had to use the data from my cell phone plan so I could stay current in my college work.  That said we have internet again and it is glorious!  Also last month I had major surgery on my shoulder.  They moved my biceps tendon, shaved down a bone, and removed inflamed bursa sacks.  I have a 6 month recovery time but I am getting stronger every day!

Now on to the good stuff, yesterday's Ulta haul!
I love Ulta this time of the year!  They have the 5 items for 5 dollars table!  So what all did I get?

-Peppermint hand lotion- 1 dollar
-Plum hand lotion- 1 dollar
-Pedi set- 1 dollar
-Blue Ulta mascara-1 dollar
-Purple Ulta mascara- 1 dollar

- Fit Me foundation in the shade 110
-Benefits push up eye liner
- Maybeline highlighter
-The body shop coconut hand cream
- Ulta lip crayon