Friday, November 21, 2014

Ulta Haul and Why I haven't blogged recently

I want to start with an explanation.  On July 31 we moved into our first home!  Super exciting right? Ya there was no internet here until 2 weeks ago.  I had to use the data from my cell phone plan so I could stay current in my college work.  That said we have internet again and it is glorious!  Also last month I had major surgery on my shoulder.  They moved my biceps tendon, shaved down a bone, and removed inflamed bursa sacks.  I have a 6 month recovery time but I am getting stronger every day!

Now on to the good stuff, yesterday's Ulta haul!
I love Ulta this time of the year!  They have the 5 items for 5 dollars table!  So what all did I get?

-Peppermint hand lotion- 1 dollar
-Plum hand lotion- 1 dollar
-Pedi set- 1 dollar
-Blue Ulta mascara-1 dollar
-Purple Ulta mascara- 1 dollar

- Fit Me foundation in the shade 110
-Benefits push up eye liner
- Maybeline highlighter
-The body shop coconut hand cream
- Ulta lip crayon

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