Monday, February 2, 2015

Plum Paper Planner 2015

I love planners, and this year I got a Plum Paper Planner!  I am so in love with this planner!  The cover was personalized and I got to pick so much of the lay out.  There are 4 layout options, and I added in extra note paper, a blog planning section and a home based business planning section.

The cover

The monthly view 
And a monthly view that I have started planning on.  I like to add washi tape and stickers and what not to make it personal.

The weekly spread, this has four options, but this is the one I chose.
And the weekly spread that I have started planning on.  Again using washi tape and stickers.
This is the blog planning section. There are 6 double sided pages, so one page for each month, an income tracking sheet, a sheet for post ideas, a sheet for blog stats, 2 pages of to-do list, 2 pages for advertising and sponsors, 2 pages for giveaways and reviews, and a 2 page annual blog planner.
The at home business section has 6 double sided monthly overview pages, 1 page for each month of the year,12 double sided party planning pages, 1 to do list, 1 monthly tasks page, 3 pages of mileage trackers6 pages for contacts,  and 4 pages for tracking expenses.

I really love this planner and would purchase it again.  The etsy shop had a 3-4 week turn around but it shipped off right at 3 weeks and I got it three days after it shipped.  The price was great too, much cheaper then some of the other customizable planners on the market.

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